Build a network, grow your networth. Fantech is redefining relationships in a hyperfinancialized world.

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Every share is a life-time access

Buy a share to have an ownership in your network. Gain lifetime access to exclusive content and be an integral part of your friend's journey.


Incentives, aligned

Fantech brings people together with aligned incentives. Discover a platform where your support is rewarded, your voice matters, and your network thrives.


Sounds fun? Get started today!

Grab your first share now and start building your ideal network. A enticing journey awaits you.


Shares Generation Event

Users' shares can be pre-minted and made tradable at any time when their total subscribed value surpasses $10,000.

Earn Points

Earn points.
Claim $FAN

Every interaction you make on the platform, from signing up to engaging with content, earns you valuable POINTs for future usage.


Q3, 2023
  • Research + Team forming.
  • MVP Release.
  • Closed Beta.
  • Onboarding contributors and advisors.
Q4, 2023
  • Full Mainnet Launch on Mantle.
  • Full UI/UX & core features launch.
  • Partnerships & Synergies with key eco projects.
  • Fund raising (pre-seed).
  • Flagship features: live-streaming, in-app payment.
  • PR + KOL Marketing.
Q1, 2024
  • Team expansion.
  • Full integrations + additional flaghship features.
  • Pre-launch final financing round.
  • $FAN token launch + Airdrop + Revshare program.
  • Community Incentives program.
  • Partnerships with KOLs.
Q2, 2024
  • Mainstream marketing & user acquisition.
  • Scaling + Optimization.
  • Legal set-up.
  • Ongoing promotions & incentives program.
  • $FAN token utility expansion.
  • Team expansion (optional).


What is Share/Shares? Plus Plus

Shares are tokenized, life-time memberships that grant fans access to the creator's perks, premium content and so much more.

Can I trade or sell my shares? Plus Plus

Yes, you can! fantech allows you to trade and sell your shares, providing a unique opportunity to invest and trade based on the influence of your favorite creators.

When are creator's shares tradable? Plus Plus

Fantech platform allows for the trading of shares even before a creator officially joins. Once a creator amasses more than 100 subscribers, their shares become tradable.

How can I become a creator on Plus Plus

All users can be creators and vice versa. Simply sign up on and complete the verification process.

How can I issue my shares? Plus Plus

Upon joining fantech, you will be buying your very own first share to activate trading. Afterwards, any other user can freely trade your shares.

Can I invite friends to join fantech? Plus Plus

Absolutely! We encourage you to invite your friends to join fantech and enjoy the platform together. The more the merrier.

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